White Vinyl Wrap Finish

Vinyl wrap walls preston, chorley, lancashire

So the client had purple walls on two floors next to the lift areas at a building in Stockley Park and they requested both areas to be changed to white using a wrap finish.

So we chose Cover Styl’ Primary Range – White Velvet Grain J3, a great architectural film that has a slight grain and texture with a matt white finish.

The main walls were approx. 3m high and the real challenge was dealing with the thin indents in the wall, in addition, the toilet doors on either side of the lift had to wrap front and back and also the edges, this is always a challenge when you can’t remove the doors as it needs very clever cutting around the hinges to make the vinyl seamless.

All in all the job looked great and is cheaper and less messy than painting or replacing the panels.

If you’re interested in vinyl wrap to revamp old interiors whether it be walls, windows, or furniture. Please get in touch,

White Vinyl Wrap Finish

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