Sub-Fascia Repair and Maintenance

Fascia roof sub fascia replacement

When it comes to putting up signs, it’s important to understand that the sub-fascia (the area where the sign is installed onto), must be in good condition to avoid any damage to the building by water ingress, and more importantly, to avoid the risk of the sign falling and causing injury to the public.

We recently completed a project where we had to take down an existing sign in order to repair and rebuild a rotten sub fascia.

Due to a recent inspection, the client was made aware that the sub fascia had deteriorated and increased the risk of the sign falling. As a result, they contacted us to attend the site to carefully removed the main sign for reinstallation, and also to remove the rotten sub-fascia to rebuild it where neccessary.

The job was completed successfully in 2 days with the sub-fascia fully repaired and the LEDS checked and reinstalled as well as the main fascia and projecting sign. Finally, the red finishing panels were applied to complete the signage.

In these images, as you can see, the sub-fascia was rotten in certain areas. As a result, their previous signage had to be removed in order for us to replace the sub fascia.

Once the sub-fascia had been replaced, the previous signage was put back up along with the LED lighting.

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Sub-Fascia Repair and Maintenance

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