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School Refurbishments & Signage

We can manufacture, design and create signage and graphics for schools and educational establishments.

Often schools get a bad wrap for being plain, but as many young kids and teenagers spend quite a bit of time in that setting, it’s important that the environment inspires them and offers them a place of comfort so they can learn better.

Certain colours have the ability to inspire different aspects of learning, or help drive creativity. Therefore, having good wall art and colour should be important.

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Inspiring Creativity in schools

Creativity in an educational environment is a vital component of a successful business. Creative people are problem solvers and they usually think outside of the box and bring new and exciting ideas to the classroom. As a result, creativity is a necessary skill in everything from art to technology to I.T and even geography. However, it can be difficult to create an environment that supports, encourages and inspires creativity.


Colour is very important for creating a creative environment. Many schools are usually decorated with less-than-inspiring decor and color schemes. In addition, the lighting is often a white and cold fluorescent light, which is less than appealing.

You don’t have to go over the top with color to add inspiration. You can have a ‘feature’ walls that pop with vibrance and leave the rest a neutral colour.

Lighting & Nature

We all know that feeling of being stuck in the same room each day can be confining. One study from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology revealed that the sight of nature could improve a person’s productivity by 15 percent! Therefore, you could help productivity by inspiring students with nature based murals or wallpaper.

‘Green’ environments with plants have been proven to make students happier and more productive.

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Furniture and wall vinyl

Vinyl wrap can be used on furniture and walls to create a beautiful and clean look. Whilst making quick work of your project, not only does it deliver thousands back to you on top of huge savings in material costs, but it also means that your customers can enjoy the amazing results much sooner than if you refurbished in a more traditional way.

Architectural Finishes are self-adhesive, long-lasting materials that are designed for interior and exterior refurbishment projects. They can be used for upgrading areas including walls, doors, bars, lifts, offices, tables, banks, conference rooms and restaurants, making this material a fantastic option to refurbish rather than replace.

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What we at do at Principle Signs & Graphics

Corporate signs and graphics

Increase your company’s visability

Having the right signs and graphics can increase the visibility of your business in your local area. We use a combination of brand guidelines, logo, color pallet and high-tech materials and sign production processes in order to create bespoke and professional signage.

Safety Signs

Safety at the forefront!

You will see safety signs in most places, from nurseries and schools to hospitals, offices, shopping centres, hotels, conference facilities and construction sites.

Signs for safety are often mandatory depending on the type of business you own.

Some signs will indicate to staff and visitors what they need to know or the equipment they need to wear before progressing any further.

LED, illuminated signage and light boxes

LED Signage

Illuminating signs are the next level in pushing your brand in a unique setting.

Signs don’t have to be boring. LED signs offers advanced manufacturing techniques, which result in high impact signs without the complications or risks that are often associated with neon signage.

Illuminated signs cover a lot of different areas from simple sign trays to neon. However, an illuminated sign can be any sign that has internal illumination.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signage

Custom acrylic signs are a great way to add a professional feel to your signage, furthermore, this type of material is also called Perspex sign or a Plexiglass signs.

Our acrylic signs are neatly made from a versatile plastic sheet with a glossy finish. Your finished result will be highly durable, long lasting and give your signage an upgraded feel to it.

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wraps for furniture & Vehicles

Using vinyl wrap is a great way to add custom designs or upgrade your van, car, bike or interior furniture. Vinyl is a great way to upgrade your current office’s interior without it costing an arm and a leg. Adding vinyl wrap to office tables or storage cupboards can instantly transform the office and is the perfect solution to up-cycle your office furniture and save you some money too!

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wraps : Van, car and motorbike

Don’t paint your vehicle, transform it! Vehicle Wrapping is the process of transforming the color and look of your vehicle by applying large sheets of pressure sensitive vinyl film to each individual panel on the vehicle.

Vinyl film is always applied with extreme precision and skill and can only be carried out by highly trained and specialized staff.

Adding your business’s custom graphics to your business van or car can really add value and expand your marketing reach.

Sign Materials

Find the right material!

We create our signs from a wide range of materials and formats that can deliver different effects. We work with our clients right from the start of each project to make sure their business signage is right for them and their environment.

  • Correx Signs
  • DiBond Signs
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Cardboard Signs
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Signage
  • Foamex

Whether you looking for signs for inside or out, Principle Signs and Graphics will help you choose the most suitable materials and styles to show your company means business.

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