F L E X   F A C E   S I G N S

Typical Use

This type of sign is often seen at retail parks, shop fronts and other large customer facing signage.

The type of flex face sign you choose should showcase your brand and be easy to see. This is why flex face signage is often LED or illuminated.


There are many options available to customize your sign. Flexface signs consist of a lightweight aluminium box – usually powder coated and a flexible PVC ‘skin’ or face that is tensioned around the edges of the box to give a seamless finish.

The PVC banner is specifically printed for backlit applications to allow for the light to illuminate evenly across the banner.

We can create and manufacture to bespoke shapes to suit your logo as well as being illuminated.


The flex face boxes are made from aluminium and are extremely robust, durable and long-lasting. With different depth profiles available within the range and internal structures to compliment them, it is common for external flex signage to be in good condition for decades with the actual signage skin needing changing on a regular basis.